Drawing on craft beer and creative experience

Drawing on craft beer and creative experience

Ok, we know everyone loved the Hammo artwork, but when we kickstarted Alphabet Brewing Company again we wanted to use it as a chance to work with an artist we know and love, and to introduce him to other people too. We wanted to use Hands for Feet.

We think that his style is magnificent; it’s fun and he captured the ABC vibe so quickly that it became a no brainier.

It takes a level of skill to take on a broad design brief and bring a brand back to life like this, it also comes with the added pressure of keeping some alignment with the indomitable Hammo whilst breathing something fresh into the end results.

We thought it was best to just introduce you to Hands for Feet for now.

So this is he.

Alastair Knowles Lenoir, also known by his artistic moniker Hands For Feet, is a versatile illustrator, printmaker, and muralist based in Cornwall. His artistic repertoire spans a diverse range of mediums, sizes, and subjects, showcasing an incredible array of artistic flexibility. Drawing inspiration from social interactions, urban culture, and the world of surfing, Alastair seamlessly combines these influences to create a captivating blend of fun and quirky art.

He has worked with many brands over the years, locally, nationally and internationally and when you work with him you know that creativity is in safe hands.

We highly recommend getting acquainted with him and his creative output over on his Instagram page. He will be helping us to bring some fun to ABC over the coming months.