What are we brewing? Our craft beer range

What are we brewing? Our craft beer range

We are keen to help you explore and learn more about the Alphabet Brewing Company line-up of craft beers, all crafted with a passion and love for good beer and good fun.

Whether you're an original follower of the brand and seasoned craft beer aficionado or a newcomer eager to explore, our craft beer range has something for you to enjoy. From a juicy IPA, via a coffee infused delight to a straight up pilsner. Read on to find out more about our range of craft beers.

Juice Springsteen: A Citrus-Infused Anthem
The boss.

Plain and simple.

If you're craving a taste of the tropical then look no further than our legendary "Juice Springsteen" beer. This brew is a citrus-infused anthem that brings the Boss's energy to your glass. Bursting with the boldness of oranges and the zest of the E-Street Band, each sip is a journey through the heartland of flavour. It's not just a beer; it's a celebration of the iconic sound that defines an era.

A 4.5% Pale Ale, Juice Springsteen is not just the best pun beer name in the world, Juice Springsteen is our flagship Session Pale Ale, with generous additions of pineapple, mango, and passionfruit. The fruitiest and most refreshing experience in an easy drinking fruit beer.

Recommended Pairing: Pair Juice Springsteen with a sunny day and good company for the ultimate festival experience.

Juice Wayne: A Heroic Burst of Tropical Bliss

You won’t need an underground lair. But it might be fun.

Enter the world of tropical bliss with "Juice Wayne" – a beer that channels the superhero spirit of the Dark Knight. Packed with a heroic burst of tropical fruits, this brew is a kaleidoscope of flavours that transcends the day to day beer experience. Close your eyes, take a sip, and let the capeless crusader take you on a journey through the streets of Gotham and the beaches of paradise.

4.8% Session New England IPA Juicy New England Session IPA. Our take on a juice bomb that is drinkable. Centrifuged to clean up the hop burn but heavy enough to keep the flavour at the forefront, Hits with dry hops twice to accentuate the fruit flavours of the best hops that money can buy.

Recommended Pairing: Enjoy Juice Wayne with bold, spicy dishes or as a sidekick to your favourite summer barbecue.

A to the K: An Alphabet Original

At the heart of Alphabet Brewing Company's repertoire lies the original and audacious "A to the K" beer. This unique brew is an alphabet original, blending aromatic hops and malts in perfect harmony. The result? A beer that's both bold and sessionable. If you need some hop to your hip then dive right in, it’s the baddest beer in the west.

A 5.4% West Coast IPA and a throwback to the old school American style. High bitterness with a dry finish, combined with the classic big bittering hops of Chinook and Palisade. Aromas of orange pith and pine give way to moreish drinkability. Getting back to the craft beer roots with this timeless banger.

Recommended Pairing: Pair A to the K with comfort food classics or your favourite tunes from A to Z for an evening that hits all the right notes. Solid company for spitting bars or drinking at bars.

Haze Craze: A Cloud of Citrus Dreams

Step into the enchanting realm of "Haze Craze", where a cloud of citrus dreams awaits. This hazy brew is our take on the ever popular hazy beer style. With a juicy burst of tropical fruits and a gentle haze, every sip is a dance of flavours. It’s not a Jimi Purple Haze, but it is experienced.

This one is an 8% Double IPA, a real big hitter. Amarillo, Galaxy, Citra and HBC 630 hops come together in this ‘bold as’ beer. Given the love for the hazy beer we have poured our experience back into this beer to make it as pitch perfect as possible, using a really unique hop selection and process.

Recommended Pairing: Indulge in Haze Craze alongside spicy dishes or your favourite sushi roll for a taste journey that's both bold and refreshing.

Flat White: Elevating the Brewed Espresso Experience
In for the coffee culture? Picky about your beans?
Say hello to Flat White

This brew is a harmonious blend of roasted malts and genuinely good coffee. A sip takes you on a sensory journey through the streets of Melbourne, where coffee culture meets the craft beer revolution. It's the perfect marriage of morning pick-me-up and evening wind-down.

A 7.6% Coffee White Stout and a collaboration of like-minded individuals coming together in this celebration of coffee and beer. The base beer is sweet with oats, big body and lactose. A reserved addition of Columbus hops allows the chosen coffee beans from Yallah to really sing across in the flavour and aroma. Light in appearance and lighter than you might expect on the palette – it’s not a heavy hit of coffee so much as warming hint.

Recommended Pairing: Enjoy Flat White with hearty brunch dishes or decadent desserts for a brew that's as versatile as your favourite coffee shop order.

NZ Pilsner: A Pacific Symphony of Hops
Immerse yourself in the Pacific vibes with our "NZ Pilsner", a combination of hops inspired by the breath taking landscapes of New Zealand and a beer that will similarly take your breath away. This brew showcases the unique flavours of New Zealand hops, delivering a tropical punch with hints of citrus and pine. It's a beer that embodies the adventurous spirit of Kiwi exploration.

A steady 3.8% session pilsner utilising New Zealand hops, higher bitterness and a dry finish for a satisfying lager experience. We’ve used Moteuka, Rakau, and Pacifica hops to help create a herbal vibe with a lime zing. It’s a subtle presentation with a crisp delivery.

Recommended Pairing: Pair NZ IPA with grilled seafood or spicy cuisines to complement the tropical hop notes and elevate your dining experience.

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