New but the same: back brewing craft beer the ABC way

New but the same: back brewing craft beer the ABC way

What an amazing first month or so it has been for us at Alphabet Brewing Company.

The response to our commitment to re-brewing the beloved ABC recipes has been nothing short of heart warming. Beer enthusiasts from all corners of the UK have placed their trust in us, breathing new life into this iconic brand. The overwhelming support we've received reaffirms that we are on the right path.

Addressing Inquiries and Changes:
During our first month of kick starting a new life for ABC we have been asked a myriad of questions, and rightfully so. Questions about the fate of the old staff, our current location, and the financial aftermath of ABC's closure have been on the minds of many. As the new owners, we can shed light on some of these queries. Unfortunately, we are no longer situated at the North Western Street Arches in Manchester. The decision was prompted by a substantial rent increase following ABC's closure. We aim to have a presence in North West in the future, but for now we must grow carefully and consider all angles.

When we started talking with the administrators to make a purchase, ABC had no active employees. Our sincere condolences go out to those who lost their jobs due to the unfortunate collapse of ABC. We have collaborated with some former team members to ensure that our processes and use of the well loved ABC recipes were applied as they should be.

Brewing in Cornwall:
The Brew Kit was auctioned off to the highest bidder and relocated. Considering this, we decided to continue brewing our beer in Cornwall temporarily while we search for a new home in the North. Our kit, shared with St Ives Brewery, is some of the most technically advance available, which will enable us to continue to grow and brew innovative and forward-thinking beers. That’s the thing we loved about ABC before.

Addressing Debts and Rebuilding:
Any outstanding debts left by ABC should have been documented with the administrators, Begbies Traynor. Our acquisition of the recipes, stock, and brands has significantly contributed to settling any outstanding obligations.

St.Ives Brewery, Cornwall:
As we rebuild and navigate our next steps, St.Ives Brewery in Cornwall has graciously become our interim home. To those who purchased brewery tours at ABC and couldn't utilize them in time, we extend an open invitation to tour St.Ives Brewery when you find yourselves in the area.

Artistic Collaborations:
The absence of Hammo artwork has undoubtedly left a void for fans of the legendary street artist. Our collaboration with @handsforfeet has been a project close to our hearts, and we believe his drawings will bring the same joy to you as they do to us over time.

Big boys?
We want to emphasize that we are not a 'Big Beer' corporation run by marketing teams. In a world dominated by giant corporations, we are committed to brewing great beer in a landscape often monopolized by mega-corporations. We are a tight-knit team of a few, not hundreds, all spurred on by the age old passion for good beer.

Stick with us.