6 Reasons why Craft Lager is better than Euro Fizz

6 Reasons why Craft Lager is better than Euro Fizz

When it comes to enjoying a refreshing lager or pilsner, craft options have become far more abundant, meaning that you don't have to stick to lagers from the mainstream. Here's some reasons why craft lager and pilsner is just, well, better.

1. Superior Ingredients
Craft lagers utilise high-quality ingredients, ensuring a richer and more authentic flavour profile. Take our NZ Pilsner for instance, which uses premium New Zealand hops for a unique taste. We can use these premium ingredients because as a craft brewer our volume is lower, which means we can play with high end ingredients.

2. Craftsmanship and Passion
Craft breweries like ourselves are driven by passion, creativity and innovation, it's what sets craft apart form the bigger brands and breweries. Our own Arnold Schwarzbier dark lager is a testament to this dedication, showcasing a meticulously crafted dark lager that's both robust and smooth and a bit of a left field take on a traditional style of beer.

3. Unique Flavours
Craft lagers and pilsners offer a diverse and innovative flavour combination. The style, ingredients, hop selection and brewing process means that it is set apart from the generic bland brand of lager you might be used to. The NZ Pilsner features distinctive tropical fruit notes, setting it apart from the 'paint by numbers' of many mainstream lagers.

4. Freshness
Craft breweries brew beer in smaller batches, ensuring that each beer you drink is fresh and at its peak. This is always the case with our beers, each one is brewed in comparably low volume, so when those cans are available they are as fresh as you like.

5. Support Smaller Businesses
Choosing craft lagers supports smaller and local breweries. We certainly fit this definition of a craft brewery and we love being able to feel part of that beer loving craft community.

6. Authenticity and Story
Craft beers come with stories and a sense of authenticity. Buying craft beer connects you to a brewery’s journey and the craft beer community’s culture.

We love brewing hazy craft beer and hop heavy beers of all styles, but sometimes you just need a crisp and refreshing lager - we can help with that.

Jump into Arnold Schwarzbier and the NZ Pilsner. Cheers to choosing craft over euro fizz